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We Are Creative, Innovative, Proactive , Adrien International.

We are a cross-Atlantic consulting firm with a focus on French-American business development. Our team understands the challenges companies face when attempting to access a new and foreign market. We are here to help.

What We Can Do For You

Market Analysis

We will analyze the U.S. market to see if the product or service you are offering could work.

Business Translation

Our team has a linguistic and cultural expertise that allows us to translate what you do concisely and accurately.

Relationship Building

We work to identify companies and industry leaders to make the introductions you need to be successful.

Business Development

We offer a wide range of services through our affiliated companies, including marketing and advertising.

Based in Oregon, for good reason!

The state of Oregon is one of a select few states with no sales tax. Companies who intend to sell their products online can sell across all 50 states without having to worry about filing sales taxes. Oregon is also one of the fastest growing states in the country and offers better social programs for workers and in healthcare. For French companies looking to establish themselves in the U.S., Oregon is a home away from home!

Network Partners

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International: It's who we are.



Since the 1950’s, the Adrien name has been a hallmark of international business. From Michel Adrien’s humble beginnings as a fisherman to the creation of an international business empire, the Adrien name symbolizes grit, perseverance, and ambition. Adrien International was founded to carry forward the core ideals of the name.

– Christophe Adrien, President of Adrien International

We can help you expand. Contact us for a consultation.

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